Guide to buying your Perfect Dream Home

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Buying a house is a lifetime decision and not an easy one. So make sure thorough thought process is done before making a huge investment. It needs to be an informed one with well thought and it is essential to not let only the head rule the heart or the other way. The decision needs to be taken wholeheartedly to avoid any kind of regrets. First, an essential thing is going through the checklist which can be a common thumb rule for everyone who is willing to buy a property. There are some must-dos before taking up huge commitment to hard earned money. Priorities may differ depending on the individual and therefore here are some tips which need to be considered before buying a property.


The primary thing is the location where you are going to live and once the city is decided the location in the city plays a major role. Some important factors that need to be kept in mind are the proximity to hospitals, workplace, educational institutions and entertainment options. If it is a centre point of the city it can be an advantage as everything would be accessible.


Once the location is decided, start focussing on budget. If you are opting for an apartment they make up the list of new projects coming up in the locality you have chosen. In Nishtha Homes, we overshoot our budget to 10-20 % in order to provide better facilities and location that everyone can afford. In case you are planning for an individual plot of land the budget plays a major role including the construction cost also. Make sure to think about the future, and how much you would be able to earn before deciding to take a home. Few factors like family life, family assets, and career growth play a major role which needs to consider before investing.


Considering a reputed builder is important for buying a home even it is expensive. A well-known developer or builder is better than unknown ones who would promise the sky for a cheap rate. Consider the credentials of the builder like previous projects and the time take to finish the same. The veracity of the documents and the quality of their previous constructions need to be scanned before opting them for your project.

Bank loan

Approaching the correct bank for loan plays a major role because few banks can be overenthusiastic in offering loans that may be beyond the repaying capacity. Most of the home buyers commit such mistake of taking such loans and regret later for such acts. It is always a better option for opting conservative banks that can verify the documents and advise the correct amount of loans that can be availed.

Always remember that buying a home can be a process where comfort and aspirations play a major role and that has to be realised along with discretion and caution. Nishtha Homes is an eminent developer and has always supported all our customers’ sentiments in every project that we undertake. All the projects are planned such that the journey would be trouble free and these are designed keeping end users in mind. We hope that living and your journey with Nishtha homes would be a happy choice.