Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of Nishtha Homes have been governed by Indian law and becoming a member includes submission of the exclusive jurisdiction of the properties in India. All the communications would be sent to the mauls and if any changes are there in the personal information then it is considered as the responsibility of the member for changing the email address or the residential address.

All the communications would be mailed to the address mentioned either email or postal and if there are any kind of changes in the information, it the responsibility of the members. They are requested to inform the change in residential/ mailing or office address or any contact numbers. Benefits, rewards, rules, conditions, and privileges pertaining to the applicability of the program can be cancelled, extended, modified or changes by the company or practically by providing notice. Nishtha Homes is not liable to loss of the results and can be deemed for constituting the acceptance by any of the members. Every user is held responsible for the knowledge regarding the Terms and conditions and for the points in their account. Nishtha Homes can attempt to send the correspondence to their active members for informing such matters. This may even include notification of the changes in programs. Neither Nishtha Homes is liable for any kind of failure and shall not be responsible for any inaccurate information for the issues related to the programming and equipment associated with the utility for the members.

Any benefit or program that offers rewards relating to the program is not construed or constitute in establishing a relation between Nishtha Homes and its member. As a part of the endeavour in Nishtha Homes in providing valuable data, the members would be developing the mailing lists for the use by program partners or themselves. Such lists are developed under the supervision of the information of members. Therefore providing value for its members, Nishtha Homes reserved the right to send promotions to its members and partners. The decision of Nishtha Homes with respect to the program shall be final and binding and the buyer’s decisions will be considered in case Nishtha Homes has referred to more than one person.


In case the buyer wants to terminate or cancel the property purchase, the buyer and referrer would be entitled for the purchase. They shall be retaining the respective numbers if they have purchased. In case of termination or cancellation of property the buyer needs to redeem for the transactions of the booking amount or advance towards the property purchase.