What’s New

What’s New?

There is a various number of development projects that are planned and under the way of Nishtha homes, along with this, submarkets are undergoing that is renewed with the present real estate activity.

Most of the projects are the dated buildings and apartment properties in the upcoming projects that would be denser and a mixed usage development. Better development and investments are being planned that would be a collective group of residents, real estate professionals, and landowners. These areas of interest in the present plans with a cohesive vision for the Nishtha Homes in near future.

 Nishtha Homes has analysed the last year developments and found that few areas need to be more pedestrian friendly as the denser development gets built in. the present area can face heavy car volume in some of the areas and such safety is cited as a key concern.

More active spaces are also required

More active spaces are also required with a unique approach for development that can slew some cohesiveness and bridge the gaps of connection. The present group is even specialising in a structural service that is dependent on the technical principles and solutions for the same. Our expert team of engineers is here to serve you bringing the projects with in-depth knowledge and perfection.